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Updated: Oct 28, 2020

Hey Guys!!! Holidays are right around the corner and you know what that means Christmas card photo shoot‘s are right around the corner to. My family and I are always getting compliments on what awesome job the kiddos do taking pictures and how beautiful the photos come out so I thought today would be a great time to share some of my tips and tricks that have worked the last seven years when on a photo shoot with my big family.

One thing I like to do is take note of everyone’s age who’s going to participate in the photo shoot, that way I‘lol be able to organize the order in which we will take pictures according to who’s going to have them melt down first. I know that sounds silly but it really is very helpful!! You always wanna start off with the large family shoot because those are the pictures that you of course want the youngest children to be included in and then you can do the solo pictures of the little cuties youngest to oldest!! This way you can make sure that the babies and the toddlers will be in great moods for fun with the camera.

Another tip that I find super useful is to always plan some sort of physical activity that allows the children to get out thier wiggles before the sessionsbegins. For our family we always do everyonea hair first and then play at least 5 rounds of just dance b4 we put on our photo ready outfits and head out! this allows them to settle down and not be too antsy on “set.

My favorites trick with lots of littles myself is pre- picking poses that they can practice for 5 minutes everyday a few days before the actual shoot day. Sound foolish?!?... maybe!,but it works wonders and for the children who are a bit older and more opinionated, allow them to help you Pinterest some poses themselves!! Knowing they helped plan what thier doing on that day helps them stay on task and give the camera those beautiful smiles! Choosing Outfits

Now when it comes to choosing a color scheme I always find the picture to more balanced when there are 3 maybe 4 colors in the family pallet. Matchy matchy is great but for a more natural look mixing it up with a few colors really makes the photo pop. This can also be helpful in person placement when it comes to posing Last but not Least I am 100% not above bribing when it’s just one of those day they are feeling crabby and just don’t want to cooperate. A treat that allows you to give super small amount at a time is best.

my 9 year old son seems to be more sulky these days so this particular shoot I offered him 1 skittle for every nice photo he did. Don’t worry he only had 4 skittles total! We aren’t a big sugar household so that was gold to him!!!

Choosing Poses

Picking poses is another fun way to make your photos special and unique. I like to choose things that come natural especially to the kids depending on their personality!! Having them in a relaxed poses and having them tell jokes really allows for pics that bring out the joy and sweetness in the sibling relationship. If you are looking to do some movement poses hold hands and walk backwards and it’ll create a great “walking pose” photos. Having props is always fun too!! Knick knacks or funny signs make for gun shoots as well.

i sure hope those quick tips and trick prove helpful to all you mamas and papas out there!!!

Also here is a great list of beautiful fall locaoto do Outdoor family shoots with gorgeous fall foliage.

Kubota Gardens

Coulon Beach Park

Nolte State Park

Clark Lake

Lake Wilderness

Bobs Pumpkin Patch

Fox Hollow Farms

Thomas Family Farm and adjoining wildflower fields

Ravenswood Farm

Trinity Tree Farm

A & B Christmas Tree

also side note, a lot of photographers can also come to you ! Make a small backdrop for a small group family photo!!

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