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Our Favorite Summer Camps 2020

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

'Summa Summa Summa Time' ugh with all this snow we have had lately I'm ready for the sunshine baby!! Ready for swimming pools, picnics, and family hikes. I love the time with my kids and husband that doesn't have to interrupted by school hours or early bedtimes. But i also enjoy giving my children the opportunity to learn and experience things they wouldn't have the chance to during the school year. I always try to sprinkle in at least three camps during the 2 month break that way they have tons of bonding with mom n' dad with just enough adventure to make for a wonderful summer!

Is it at all too early for you to start pondering summer plans for your littles??!! way! Seattle and many of the surrounding cities have already opened their registration up for summer camps!

But how do you choose ?!! Well look no further, I've taken the liberty of listing the best summer camps (in my opinion) Most of which my 4 kiddos have done and loved and some others that we have on our "must attend" list!

Kidsquest Children Museum

Kidsquest has been an all time favorite for my children and for me. The variety of activities they provided are only complimented by the helpful friendly staff. I was so please when i discovered the wonderful summer camps they provide every year at the facility and also on Bear Creek. There are plenty of camps to choose from, even some available to kids as young as age three. click link below to visit their site and view the full options.



Do you have a little scientists, an engineer, a tinker, or a curious little one at home like me?!! Well then ACE is everything you have been looking for. ACE stands for Aerospace Camp Experience. Each session is a week long and has its own 'theme' or focus if you will. the price is a bit steep but for any of you with low income families, there is scholarship applications available! Hit the link below and click on the brochure to take a gander at these wonderful excited camps that you child could be enjoying this summer.


KettleWorks Performing Arts

'To be or Not to be ? that is the question?' anyone else's kid have a knack for the drama and the flare?! yeah i can empathize. SO you can only imagine my excitement when i came across this amazing little- no pun intended- performance studio especially designed for children. This program has an emphasis on not only acting, but singing and dancing as well. the summer program will run for 2 weeks and the last day of the the 3 week program will be the finale performance. Check out the website to see if you drama queen/king will be lighting up the stage this summer.

SANCA Seattle

SANCA Seattle is a school of acrobatics and new circus arts. I discovered this gem one day in a local parent magazine and it has a been a go to for our family for the last 5 years. not only do they offer a variety of classes in tumbling, Ariel arts and circus but every summer you have an option of joining for summer sessions that run a week at a time. The SANCA atmosphere is very welcoming and i love that my kids get to be exposed to so many different people from different walks of life. Everyone is welcomed and respected the same! Take a look at the opportunity available in their webpage.


Spotlight Performing Arts Center

Spotlight also offers another setting in which your student to explore the world of dance. With some technique building and a variety of dance workshops offered during this week long camp your child is sure to walk away, not only more knowledgeable in the world of dance, but definitely wanting more. Luckily the studio offers an abundance of year long classes including tap, jazz, ballet, and modern. The summer schedule has not been posted but be sure to look at what spotlight and their amazing teachers have to offer in the meantime.


Local Community Centers

Many people don't know that your local community centers offer an awesome assortment of summer camps and programs. many of which available to kids as young as four. A few we've been lucky to experience through our local CC include a cooking camp, space art camp, and a multi sports camp. Here are a couple of local CC that may peak your interest for summer camps





Pacific Science Center

Pacific Science center located in the heart of downtown Seattle is consider one of this city's gems! How cool will it be to spend a week learning about dinosaurs, and bugs, and spinning with the beautiful butterflies in their Tropical Butterfly House. This will be a great way to inspire your child's inner scientist!! The link below will connect you to their page on which you may click on their summer 2019 guide.

iD Tech Camps

ID tech camp is #1 in STEM education. Science, technology, engineering, and Math exploring all in one place!

" Register today at the world's #1 summer tech camp for ages 7–19. Held at Stanford, NYU, and 150 top campuses. Become a coder, game developer, robotics engineer, or designer."

The campuses in Washington include Bellevue, Bothell, Tacoma and more . The iD Tech webpage will list all locations dates and prices.


The Goddard School

Located in Issaqua, Bellevue, and Redmond The Goddard School offers a play based STEAM program, ( Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) with train staff who use their knowledge to create a playful exciting learning environment! Check out what programs will be available this summer in a location nearest you.

Woodland Park Zoo

Lions and tiger and bears oh my !!!! What a phenomenal way to spend the summer by learning and exploring all the beautiful, unique, extraordinary animals in our very own Seattle Zoo. A few years ago my 2 eldest kiddos had a opportunity to attend one of their parents night out and the amount of knowledge and fun they attained in one night gets me really excited to imagine what they'd get to experience during camp!!! This year my 4 kiddos will get to experience this camp for the first time i cant wait to share their experience with you all!!!

The link below has a portal to all the 2020 summer camp schedule.


Seattle Aquarium-Marine Summer Camp

Your kiddo not into land animals?! fear not the Seattle Aquarium has got your future marine biologist covers. Lost of fun activities exploring the ocean blue and learning with the exploration tools and experiments that are used inspect the deepest darkest parts ofour waters!!!!


Brickz 4 Kidz

Brickz 4 Kidz take on the world of engineering. Using Legos to build models and play games will make any of your Lego fanatics soul sing!!! Located in Wallingford, West Seattle, queen Anne, and Laurelhurst.

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