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The New Normal - Homeschooling Resources

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

With the numbers of people infected with covid19 continue to rise so does the uncertainty so many people face. Public Schools have closed down all across the country for 2-6 weeks, public libraries, and countless businesses here in Seattle have been closed for an unspecific time frame. I know that many families are feeling the effects of this quite harshly and probably more will in the coming day. My own family faces uncertainties. Although I have found a small solace in the way that this pandemic has seemed to bring a lot of our community together. Watch and seeing neighbors really reach out and offer to provide each other with food, toiletries and other necessities.

These beautiful acts of support has helped me switch my view point on homeschooling my children. With our little families typically busy schedule life slowing down for at least the next six weeks has an odd appeal to it. Ive taken the last couple days to write down a list of thing i feel like we can focus on as a team during this time that will help us run smoother as a unit and also bring us even closer together. I will not lie and say that these trying time do not scare me, because of today they really do. But i will focus on making memories with my children and just loving on them everyday.

Below i have compiled a list of wonderful sites that are excellent for providing support to all of you fellow new homeschooling parents. One of my lovely best friends has been a school teacher for over 20 years and has taught all levels of elementary schools. She was so gracious to sit down with me this morning and pointed me to all the best supportive materials to keep our kids entertained, and on track for their educational development.

I have also attached a mock schedule that i will be using to keep all my littles from going stir crazy. Keeping them busy, and happy!!!!

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School Day

7:40 AM Morning Yoga

8:00 AM Breakfast & Table Clean-Up

8:30 AM Reading ( Solo Reading for E&P and circle time for M&N )

8:50 AM Wash Hands and 5 min dance break

9:00 AM Math

9:30 AM Art

10:45 AM Snack

11:00 AM Park / Walk / Hike/ Bike

12:00 PM Lunch Time

1:00 PM Ketchup & Pickles ( puzzles / crosswords/ word search / coloring)

1:30 PM Screen Time

2:00 PM Social Studies / Science

2:30 PM PE

3:15 PM Snack Time

3:30 PM Spelling, Sight Words

4:00 PM Game Time

4:30 PM Gardening


My wonderful friend Kaela Yuen who is a science teacher has compile a gag of science worksheets and plans on do a couple of experiments on how to videos every week!! She is the coolest science teacher and i cant wait to see what her and her sweet kiddos cook up for all of us to try.

How Amazing is this ? Take a virtual tour of our beautiful National Parks. Beyond amazing

Does your kiddo enjoy drawling?!! Mines sure do. Comic Author Jarred Learner has compiled a series of comics that your kiddos can finish!! All free to download and print.

How bout Musical??!!! Do they love to sing Along and watch Broadway!!! Well this link allows you to watch 15 amazing shows right at home!!

Great fun math sites!!!

Great for reading strategies, games and reading practice for free!!!

Virtual storytime with Pete the Cat!!

An art project guide as well as a how to teach the art lessons

Indoor Fun

Toddler Activities

Museum Virtual Tours

This is an awesome library like site where your child can choose books that can be read to you or books that can be read alone!!

Science learning activities

Reading Site


Actors and Actresses read to your children

This is an awesome site she showed me in which teachers create lesson plans to sell to other teachers but they do have amazing freebie resources on this site that everyone can access. Right now they have a free 10 day lesson plan that rocks!!!

This is a great resource as well. Given the climate of things they have made a special trial offer geared toward helping us newbies get started with at home educating.

Sight word list for 3rd graders!! Personal win for me as i have a 3rd grader who has just now advanced out of reading group so i wanted something besides just reading to keep him on level!!

Best website to build learning lessons about animals and geography as well

Reading lesson resource

Educational Resource Site Continued;

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