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Virtual Mayhem

Them: How’s virtual learning going ??!!

Me: 👇🏽

Anyone else realizing that teachers don’t get paid enough??!! .... yes well I’m 130% sure that they should be getting paid 4,000,000$ a year!! Because even i, the queen of multi tasking, and I’m struggling y’all!!

Especially with my 1st grader who is either not interested in sitting for class or having a full emotional melt down bc she couldn’t draw the mouse as well as the you tube video during class art time!!

✏️ 🐭 ✏️ 🐭 ✏️ 🐭 ✏️ 🐭

My 5th & 4th graders are doing pretty well staying on task and doing all the work in their assignment tabs. Their bottomless pit appetite and constant “ I‘m board” are driving me up the wall!! Last time I checked they don’t offer 17 snack during a school day! Don’t even get me started on my kindergartener. One day she hates class and I’m bribing her with skittles for productive zoom minutes And the next minute she is crying because she doesn’t want school to be over and that not counting the multiple times she is unmuting without permission, chewing on her pen tops, and giving herself face tattoos with permanent marker!! Aye yai Yao I’m out of breath just thinking about it!! So why am I sharing my mayhem with you... well why not?! I’m a big believer in keeping it real with mommy-hood what’s the point of putting on a brave face and a false persona of perfection when at the end of the day being honest could help a fellow mama feel better, feel heard and understood!!

I’m sending lots of love and virtual hugs your way. I pray this is over soon but in the healthiest way possible With the rumbling going on about our district possibly going back to school film time I’m filled with many mixed emotions! Semi excited for my kiddo to have the hands on OT she has missed out on since March but also a bit skeptical because flu season is almost here and I wonder if school will manage to stay open for very long. So is the back and fourth going to hurt their learning growth in the process?!!? Its an incredibly hard choice to make when it comes to our kiddos.

Here is hoping that the unknown becomes a little more clear in the coming weeks!!! Solidarity Mamas

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